That was then … this is now.

The whole earth is filled with your glory, LORD.
Angels and men adore – creation longs for what’s in store.
May you be honoured and glorified;
Exalted and lifted high!
Here at your feet I lay my life.

– Starfield

Today  I took a trip down memory lane as I watched my cousin graduate, and then went to his open house. Let me tell you, graduating is a WAY bigger deal here than it is in Canada. Waaaayyyyyy bigger.

It sort of reminded me how lacking my graduation was. When I finished high school, I had a day off where I packed and went out for Korean food for the first time in my life … and then I went off to camp all summer. University was out of my mind until the end of summer. However, I think that my kind of graduation fit a little better for me.

It was extremely hard to make the adjustments I had to, but I’ve learned that it is in the tough, hard-to-believe moments that God grows us the most. A worship-filled lifestyle isn’t just what you look like when you see how God has blessed your life, it’s only seen in those people who daily are worshiping God. Those who worship in good and bad; when they feel passionate, and when they don’t, when they’re singing; and when they aren’t.

I’ve learned a lot about worship in the past year. By this I mean that I have learned how I like to pray, and how I like to worship.  Strangely (or maybe not so strangely), I have found that I tend to veer towards being slightly charismatic in my prayer and worship “styles.” I’m not going to detail my life for you though :]

The most important reason that I find myself doing this, is that it reminds me what I’m doing, and keeps me focussed on glorifying and lifting God’s name higher and higher and higher and higher … Because that’s really what its all about!

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
His mercies never come to an end;
They are new every morning;
Great is your faithfulness”

– Lamenations 3:22-3 (ESV)

Every time I pray or sing praises, I should be able to realize how great my God is! He is new every day. Every day he deserves all glory, honour, and praise. As the song says … the entire earth is just brimming with his glory! And to honour and glory and lift up his name … we choose to lay ourselves at his feet. We surrender all that we are, so that we can take part in glorifying and worshiping him in all we do.

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