Camp Update Number One?

Well hello there all, It has been a while as I was thinming since I had a little time off that I would do a quick little update. It won’t be very long or in depth as I’m rushed for time, but here it goes.

The last few weeks have been testing to say the least. I’ve been thrown into new situations (did Day Camps for training instead of being trained … that’s always a fun thing!) and then getting new cos i didn’t really(or actually) know. But nonetheless, it has been good. I have had to rely on God more than I used to, and it has forced me to be confidant in who I am, and in what I want to do.

I recently tried a new illustration with the gospel with my cabin of girls this week. I used a hard boiled egg and wrote the sins they named on it. Then we peeled the egg and talked about how it was better than it was before we wrote the sins on it because it was soft and ready to eat. THe hard shell was white, but the egg still wasn’t able to be used for anything.

The girls loved it, but reflecting on it, I realized that this is sort of what God has been teaching me through these last 3 weeks working at camp. As a soft egg with my outter shell gone, yes I am vulnerable, but I am able to be used to do great things for God now, if I let him. This means that I might be put in an egg salad sandwich or maybe be turned into a deviled egg, or perhaps be a part of a potato salad, but regardless of where I’m put, I will be used to do something good. It might be hard, I might get cut up, I might feel as though I’m being used and walked over, but in the end I will be able to look back and see the lovely traces behind me that let me to where I am today. Or that day in the future I’m looking back. I’m not sure what tense to use there …. oh well.

And now I sign off, time to go take a nap before more kids start arriving for me to watch :]

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