Joining the Story (Matthew 27-28)

Well this is officially the fastest I’ve ever read through the gospel of Matthew. I think. Anyway…

As Matthew finishes, we see the conclusion of everything Matthew has been conveying in the book. At the beginning I noted how Matthew was set up by showing God’s hand in the birth of Jesus for generations, and the introduction of numerous prophecies and histories Jesus fulfilled. Now that I’m at the end of Matthew, it is good to see the complete fulfillment of the prophecies in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

It is a little sad to read the accounts at the end of Matthew 28 where the chief priests AND the disciples either doubt or stand in disbelief even though the facts are hitting them in the face. The Roman guards probably wouldn’t have lied about all that, and the fact that the priests didn’t report them for failure but said they would protect them sort of hints that they knew they did wrong (similar to King David hiding his adultery with Bathsheeba?). And the disciples – Jesus is standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, and they still doubted. I mean, they didn’t even have smoke screens and really good make up artists back then so either its real or your hallucinating … and everyone else can see it too so lets be real here.

Regardless, reading about the crucifixion and resurrection serves as a reminder today of A. the joy I can have in knowing Jesus is alive, B. the freedom I have in that I am forgiven and can enter a relationship with God (torn veils!), and C. I am called to GO (great commission). I can join the story that has been going from the end of time, and today I choose to do so.

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