Unseen Growth (Mark 3-4)

Chapter 3 has Jesus continuing on in his miracles and ministry, most of which were in Matthew as well. Again, different people are reacting to Jesus in various ways – some want to kill him in cold blood, and others nearly crush him for their desire of his power.

Chapter 4, however, takes a little bit of a turn and switches to the telling of parables. I find it interesting that Jesus chooses to explain all the parables to the disciples later (4:34) … couldn’t they figure them out? Reminds me all the more to pray for understanding as I read them.

My favourite parable in today’s reading (and actually in general) is verse 26-29. I think that more people should use this parable in encouragement just because so often it’s easy to get caught up in “wanting growth”. Sometimes it seems like a lot of the Christian life is dependant on constant supernatural growth, and when we can’t see it in our lives we long for the past times we “had it”. HOwever, I’ve found that sometimes the growth that happens slowly over time in ways that I really can’t pinpoint is the best kind of growth. Being able to look back at the end of a period and see that in fact there was growth, we were just blind to see it at the time.

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