A Rant and a Thought (1 Corinthians 9-10)

Two things stood out to me today: the reoccurrence of Old Testament references, and the reason we do all things for Christ (10:31-33)

1. I’ve heard 9:9 referenced before because it ties the epistles to the old testament and authority etc. but Paul also uses the Old Testament to teach lessons in chapter 10. I really like the old testament. I think that so much can be learned from it, but I know that lots of people shy away from it more/prefer New Testament for it’s more direct approach. All I’m saying is that if Paul can use OT to help illustrate his points, maybe we should too? (Ok this the rant part …)

2. I noted today the whole set around 10:31, and it sort of changed how I interpret the verse (big surprise there). Mostly verse 33 stood out; that we do things not for ourselves but so that others can be saved. It gives a little more direction to verse 31 where we do everything for the glory of God because it gives a little more of a practical edge. I think the last few posts I’ve done have had this sort of theme – living life for Christ. I think it’s because it’s hard to do completely, there is always growth needed. Regardless, how are you living for Christ so that others may see the Glory of God and be saved?

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