Who Is He? (Luke 5-6)

When Simon Peter sees what Jesus has done with the whole catching the fish scenario, he falls down at Jesus’ knees and asks him to leave because he is a sinner.

When a leper sees Jesus, he falls prostrate and begs for healing.

When the paralytic’s friends know Jesus is there, they take ever measure possible to ensure their friend is seen by Jesus.

When Levi is called by Jesus, he makes a huge feast to honour him.

Crowds of people swarm to hear what he is saying and to be healed by him.

And, of course, the Pharisees despise and try to reject pretty much everything Jesus says and does.

All these people have different reactions to Jesus, and yet it is all based in their recognition that he is different. For most of them, he is someone worth following, or at least worth the consideration. Who they thought he was required response.

Who do you say he is?

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