Accepting Rest (Luke 9-10)

One of the hardest things about this summer has been accepting rest. It might sound weird, especially if you don’t know me, but I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time by not filling every moment of my day with stuff. I put something in my calendar on my phone and I feel good that there are little blocks filling up the emptiness of the page.

You could say I’m like Martha.

I think Martha’s rest would look kind of like mine does. Sitting and doing nothing, but all the while mind whirring with things that should be done and what I could be doing if I wasn’t just sitting here. Accepting the fact that I’ve been given a gift of rest is hard. Slowing down enough to actually listen to the teachings and let them sink in instead of having them bounce off the back of my head as I keep ploughing through.

I’ve actually never looked at the story of Mary and Martha this way. Maybe Martha even thought she was doing a pretty good job keeping the serving to a minimum! Who knows? The only thing for certain is she was more worried about serving and getting things done than sitting in Jesus’ presence. He was giving her a gift that she wasn’t accepting. I like to think that she went from there and started working towards doing that. I don’t know that it was instantaneous, this part of their story stops after Jesus reprimands her.

But I think that though Mary and Martha acted and reacted differently, Martha also grew from this time.

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