Lost and Found (Luke 15-16)

These two chapters take a turn for the “serious” (thought I was going to say worse didn’t you). I didn’t want to say worse because contemplating the lost staying lost also goes along with the lost getting found. Chapter 15 takes a look at the lost being found. The lost sheep, the lost coin, and, of course, the prodigal’s son. Then we finish chapter 16 with the lost staying lost. It’s a sobering thought.

The last two summers, and then hopefully again for a little this summer, I’ve been a camp counsellor. Sharing faith with kids is integrated into almost every aspect of the day, but it’s still easy to forget that it’s important to share with them. When I think about things I loose, I look for them, yes, but I don’t always continue even when I’m tired, frustrated, or discouraged. However, we must strive to share and live a life for Christ even in these harder times. Our witness is always important – that’s how the lost get found.

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