That kind of faith (Luke 17-18)

You know, I don’t think that I really want to have the faith of a mustard seed that will move trees or mountains. I’m not really sure that I want that.

These chapters have numerous instances of people who knew how undeserving they were, and they found favour in Jesus’ sight. I think that instead of having faith to be able to move a tree, I would like to know myself enough that I can pray the prayer of the tax collector sincerely, and accept the gift given. I think I would rather have the faith of the leper who was cleansed and then came back to thank Jesus. I would rather have faith that Jesus could heal me, and then praise him in his goodness for doing so.

Why? Whenever I read passages like that, I feel like I’m inadequate. But I also sometimes feel like it makes faith a competition. I think of children on a school field: “I have enough faith to move a rock from here to here.” “Well I have enough faith to uproot a tree!” “Oh yea? Well guess what! I can move a mountain if I want to!” and so on. The power that comes with faith doesn’t appeal to me right now. What appeals to me is knowing God, drawing closer to him, and learning more about who he is. Basking in his presence and just having faith that he is working in and through me. And then being able to worship him thus.

I think that if we had that kind of faith – the kind that changed who we were – we wouldn’t worry about moving mountains or mulberry trees. Instead, we would be focused on living our lives in harmony with what God has planned for us.

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