When the Giving Gets Hard (Luke 21-22)

This was an interesting read because it started with the poor widow giving her two coins to the betrayal and beginning of the trial against Jesus. But it got me thinking a little.

The poor widow gave everything she had, even though it wasn’t much, and it was counted greater. I typically wonder if that means that I should be giving all the money I have, but then I remember school and my distaste for loans. So that can’t be it. However, in this passage, we see how Jesus chooses to give all of himself for us. He submits to the father’s will and is led away to be mocked and later killed for our sins. The disciples, save Judas, go on to give their earthly lives to serve the kingdom – the ones that used to have much gave everything they had.

Technically, we all live in some sort of a poverty or another. Otherwise we wouldn’t need Jesus. And giving of ourselves doesn’t have to mean financially, I don’t think. Not to say that giving out of abundance is bad, the church does typically need money to operate, but there are other ways of giving of ourselves that the Bible shows. Giving out of abundance is pretty easy. Giving when it hurts is hard, and that, I think, is where the true giving kicks in.

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