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The evening before a day can be almost as exciting as the actual day. For example, Christmas and Christmas Eve, New Years and New Years Eve, and of course Hallow’s Eve (more commonly known as Halloween). Yet as I sit here on the eve before I return to civilization (by this I mean Canada/my house), […]

Well hello there all, It has been a while as I was thinming since I had a little time off that I would do a quick little update. It won’t be very long or in depth as I’m rushed for time, but here it goes. The last few weeks have been testing to say the […]

The whole earth is filled with your glory, LORD. Angels and men adore – creation longs for what’s in store. May you be honoured and glorified; Exalted and lifted high! Here at your feet I lay my life. – Starfield Today  I took a trip down memory lane as I watched my cousin graduate, and […]

Today was a long day. Not only did I trek all morning to get to Michigan, I also spent the afternoon helping to prepare for my cousin’s open house tomorrow, among other things (if you want to know what an open house is, check below). I wasn’t sure if I was going to update today, […]