Green Flags (John 7 and 8)

Jesus makes many claims in these chapters about being the Messiah/the Son of God. I can understand the confusion and frustration of the Pharisees. This guy came out of nowhere and is jeopardising the very things they held as truth. Yes, he did miracles, but he did not act like they thought he would outside of that. In fact, I don’t even know if I would have believed in Jesus if I hadn’t had the whole story, especially if I were a devout Jew. If someone told me I served the devil and that I wasn’t actually a child of Abraham, I would be rather upset. Plus, he’s causing discord among people! As a liker of rules and doing things the “right” way, I can definitely see the red flags they thought were being thrown up.

However, seeing the whole story, I can see that the red flags are actually green flags. In my own life, I often see red flags being thrown and get confused about what exactly is supposed to happen. I know that I don’t see the whole picture, so maybe I just need to relax and let God keep control and take some of the confusing things as green flags that are just bends in the road. If I really trust God with my life, then I should let him take me where he wants me to go. His plans are always beautiful when you look back on them.

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